Leading early childhood education and child development organizations and professionals seek out Parents as Teachers curricula and training because it easily integrates into other services they may be providing, allowing them to tailor information to the specific needs of any family and provide practical, hands-on application for parents in real-world situations.

We offer many ways for you to learn and explore. No matter what your learning style, we give you options! Select from traditional in-person seminars and choose your location, opt for an on-site session customized for your staff, or choose the convenience of distance learning.

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Approved to use our curriculum

Knowledge Studio

  • I want to implement an evidence-based home visiting model.
  • I want to learn the fundamentals of home visiting.
  • I just want topic-specific training or professional development.
  • I want an evidence-informed curriculum.
  • I want an evidence-informed curriculum.


  • My organization is able to meet requirements for model fidelity.
  • My organization is not able to meet requirements for model fidelity.

Looking to implement