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We want to feature your Parents as Teachers study here! We want to learn more about your approach to program evaluation and your findings so we can share it across our network. For your study to be considered for our website, please email a 500 word abstract that describes your program characteristics, evaluation design and findings to our research manager.

Note: We strongly encourage evaluation of Parents as Teachers at the local and state levels. Please be sure to contact us before initiating a study.

Study shows the impact of Parents as Teachers on school readiness. 

"...states that wait to start early childhood education until age 4 are making a huge starting at birth, Parents as Teachers starts at just the right time." 
Dr. Edward Zigler

Researchers at Cornell University find that the Supporting Care Providers Through Personal Visits curriculum/training is effective.

  • Read more about the results of this randomized control trial.

Parents as Teachers released results from a research study that shows the impact on home literacy activities when Parents as Teachers is augmented with the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book distribution program

Ongoing research sponsored by Parents as Teachers

With grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Parents as Teachers continues to examine the effectiveness of its model.

  • The Investing in Innovation (i3) project, awarded to Parents as Teachers in 2010, provides five years of support for the implementation and evaluation of the Baby FACE program, a home visiting program serving high-needs American Indian families with children from the prenatal period through 3 years of age. A rigorous, independent quasi-experimental study in 19 sites and a randomized control trial in one site examined the number of books in the home, protective factors in the home environment, and parent perceptions of their children’s social-emotional development at ages 2 and 3 and children’s cognitive development and the frequency of home literacy activity at age 3.  A summary of the evaluation findings is available here and an associate infographic here.

 Resources for your affiliate's program evaluation

Evaluation allows affiliates to learn what's working well, identify what needs to be improved, and determine whether they are having the intended impact.

  • Check out the DOHVE Compendium of Measures for MIECHV Grantees (measurement resources relevant to home visiting programs)