Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

03 father  childAbout this toolkit

This toolkit is a resource to inform parent educators as they engage, recruit and retain fathers. It is funded by the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Grant #90FR0080 from the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families.

This grant provided five years of funding for father-focused group meetings to increase:

  • father participation in Parents as Teachers
  • fathers' knowledge of child development and parenting skills
  • fathers' engagement in their children's lives

Partner sites

Partner sites from across the United States participated in this demonstration grant and contributed to this Toolkit:

Who can benefit from the toolkit?rbby 39 dad

Anyone who provides services to fathers will find strategies and ideas to improve their practice and assess their agency’s performance.

  • Learn how to gauge your agency’s father-friendliness.
  • Discover how to encourage absent fathers to re-engage with their kids.
  • Find strategies for discussing difficult issues, including domestic violence, military deployments, and economic instability.
  • Learn to create synergy among your staff to support recruitment and retention of fathers and to strengthen communication with fathers.
  • Learn how to talk with mothers about the important role of fathers in their children’s lives.