Partnering With Teen Parents

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"The most outstanding training I've ever attended through P.A.T. The small group, rural location was awesome!"

"The information presented in the Teen Parents class was great for me as a parent educator. I understood much more about teens' thinking and a little bit more about how to interact with them. I throughly enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it to other professionals."

"As a result of the training, the teens have been more responsive in keeping scheduled appointments and are more active and playful with their children."

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Take a peek inside! 

Trabajo en colaboración con padres adolescents is designed for professionals working with Spanish-speaking teen parents. The Spanish translation includes more than 500 pages of parent-facing materials (only the parent handouts and activity pages). This product is intended to be used with the English Partnering With Teen Parents curriculum.

A two-day training for all professionals who work with adolescent parents offers constructive insights into teen parents, their children, and the issues they all face. The revised curriculum, Partnering With Teen Parents, is included with this training. 

The training covers:

  • developmental characteristics unique to teens, including adolescent brain development
  • mutual influences and potential impacts of the parallel developmental needs of adolescents and young children
  • information about child development, parent-child interaction, and family well-being
  • practical parenting principles that contribute to healthy lifestyles for teen parents and their children
  • techniques to enhance teen parents' feelings of confidence and competence and strategies to equip their ongoing transition into adulthood while parenting
  • strategies to address the special family dynamics and multigenerational issues teen parents face
  • strategies to facilitate father involvement
  • ideas for organizing and conducting effective parent group connections and personal visits 

Offers 13 professional development hours and/or 1.3 CEU credits.